Get Closer To Clouds With Brigade Komarla Heights

With a treasure trove of art, culture and gastronomic experiences just a short drive away, you are constantly surrounded by the highs of life. Also, commute to work, school or even every day essentials is a breeze when you are situated in the steadily developing area of Padmanabhanagar.

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If you like to walk or jog, you have beautiful lakes round the corner, Lal Bagh is a short drive away or even Turahalli forest if you'd like to mix in a little adventure.

What better place to discover the spiritual side of Bengaluru than South Bengaluru. A short trip to the 16th century Gavi Gangadhareshwara Temple will amaze you with its astronomical significance, a short climb up a hillock to the famous Bull temple is great for the whole family and ISKCON'S tallest Gopura greets your vision from your apartment!

The nearest Metro station is just 3km from home, your portal to zip to any corner of the city is really close by.

When it comes to eating out, the biggest problem will be to choose which great place to go to! From the most authentic idli chutney-dosa experience to the best of biryani, be pampered for choice, without leaving the comfort of your home for long!

Well, then there's shopping! You'll love shopping for bargains in the traditional streets of Gandhi bazaar or hop to the hippest new mall on Kanakapura road, or visit Banashankari market for the freshest produce, we're sure you won't complain about how close you are to all of this!!


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